What are the skillsets employees should train for to be prepared for Web3?

Vrisha Phrabhakaran

12 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Wallace Ho


Web 3.0 is the next iteration of the internet that focuses on decentralisation.

Let's assume Metaverse as the backbone of Web 3.0, below is my 2 cents on the future of Metaverse.

I am no expert in Metaverse. However, I do learn from some thought leaders and by putting my own words & opinions, here are some food for thought:

  • VR might not be the real beginning of Metaverse, it serves as a tool during this transition stage. I believe that affordable XR technology will be the breaking point where Metaverse can be widely commercialized for the public. Businesses/employees can consider to take a look into XR technology.
  • Metaverse has yet to unveil its final form. Although several tech giants such as Meta, Apple, Alibaba, Tencent & etc, have expressed their interests in building Metaverse, but how does it look like? Is Metaverse a unified or a "multiverse"? Nobody seems to have the definite answer yet. Full of possibilities, including, it might be a hoax.
  • I believe Metaverse will not entirely replace human experience in the psychical universe, at least for next 5-10 years. Psychical activities will still take place in our daily lives. Businesses/employees should not neglect the experiential value in psychical universe and continue innovate on that. Chances are, certain psychical experiences could become a luxury lifestyle in the future.
  • Money/Currency is always a medium to exchange value. It'd be the same in Metaverse, let's take a step back to think what value we can create in Metaverse.
  • I will look into creation of nature content blends with technology. We do not know what people like in the Metaverse yet, but all human do love something in the nature by natural. Have you thought of blending the melody of nature with EDM, synchronized with user's breathe in real-time?
  • If Metaverse becomes a reality, I guess it will open up a new world full of possibilities in terms of experiential content, personalization, customization, unique creation & etc. Creating content with balance mixture of art & technology could be good in Metaverse.

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