How does one find startup jobs in Singapore?

Looking to work in a startup in Singapore. How can I find a job there easily?

Carl Adrian

12 Jan, 2022

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Alfred Lee

Journalist at BEAMSTART. I write about breaking business news in the region.

There are many places to find startup jobs, the only challenge is how tedious it will be to get in.

As startups are small companies, many of their processes are inefficient. Perhaps a better way to find a job in a startup would be:

  1. Find a startup that fits your goals - they're working on something you're passionate about, and you believe you will fit in / learn well there.
  2. Find people WITHIN that startup and connect with them. Knowing someone in the company will help you get in too.
  3. Ask them to refer you to the HR / higher management. Many startups are constantly recruiting talent.

Of course you could also go down the route of applying directly to the company via job platforms, but it'll probably be a long and arduous process (I much prefer referrals 😊).

Many good startups receive tonnes of job applications daily, and the likelihood of you being bumped down to the bottom of the list is pretty high.

That being said, here are a few job platforms where you can find startup jobs in Singapore:

  • LinkedIn - The default job site. If you're not applying there, you're not trying at all.
  • Indeed - Another huge job site. Worth checking out as there are many small/medium companies hiring. Startups are basically SMEs.
  • BEAMSTART Jobs - Basically this site. There are many startups hiring there, you can even connect with founders / HR directly via instant message.
  • Startup Jobs Asia - A job site from Singapore with a focus on startups.
  • E27 - A startup news portal that also has a jobs section. Many jobs posted daily with a majority of them being in Singapore.
  • Tech In Asia - A popular tech/startup news site from Singapore. They also have a jobs section.

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Vrisha Phrabhakaran

Partnerships & Content Coordinator

Hey Adrian,

You can always check the Beamstarts job site. However, if you would like more options I recommend checking out websites like  and Hope this helps

Kenneth Ho

Director @ BEAMSTART

I wrote an article on some of the best places to find startup jobs, hope this helps.

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