Should fresh gradutes work in a startup?

I have just started working in a startup 1 year ago, I find it more exciting & motivating. My little sister is graduating soon, should I recommend her to work in a startup from the beginning?

Jasmine Sim

11 Jan, 2022

6 Answers

Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

As a current intern in a startup, I have been enjoying my internship period so far. This is because startups are still in a developing stage where fresh graduates can be tasked with problems and issues to be solved. And during that problem solving period, fresh graduates would get to learn more knowledge which I think what most fresh graduates would like to look for. 

However, no matter if its a startup or a well known company, having a good employer or boss that you would want to work with could eventually make the working experience much better which I am fortunately enough to have.

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Barry Chen

Business Owner

No they shouldn't.

In my opinion it's better to work for a large company first. Here's why:

  1. You'll understand how a big company runs, its processes, its management. Startups lack these.
  2. You will meet many qualified people in large companies.
  3. While the work may be boring, you will be paid on time with no drama/problems. You probably also receive some staff benefits while working there.
  4. You will learn a lot about corporate life.
  5. Politics may get to you, and you will understand why culture is important.

Once you have grown a little, you'll have more clarity on what you want to spend your life doing. That is when you find a startup that is going in the trajectory of your long term goals.

Nathan Schneider

Web Developer

Yes and No.

Yes: Working in startups is exciting, motivating, have freedom, more open environment, creativity & innovation focused, great learning curve.

No: Lack of experience in corporate environment, startups could be an unstable job, could be exhausting if creativity is not your strength, a lot of critical thinking - could cause anxiety.

Vrisha Phrabhakaran

Partnerships & Content Coordinator

Hey Jasmine,

Personally, as a fresh graduate with some experience working at startups, there are definitely some upsides to working at startups. I believe startups are very youth-friendly and often have a more informal style in comparison to other conglomerates.  



Working in a startup enables me to learn things quickly. In a startup, a fresh graduate will be assigned to multiple tasks and the learning curve can bid your blood to run very fast (if you find what they do interesting).

In comparison with conventional management in most of the companies, the problem is, it is very rigid. The company structure is so rigid where employees only work in their own silo. Learning is slow, work is boring & repetitive.

So yes, if your sister is able to find a field that interests her in a startup and she likes learning, go ahead!

Muskan Kataria

Intern Writer

Startups are good opportunity and have become increasingly popular. Most of the technology we are getting to operate is a result of start ups innovation. Start ups offers a lot more freedom compared to large companies. This type of work also lets you have access to easily open about your ideas and is seen as an immense scope for growth. 

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