I have a really cool app idea, how do I find investors?

I have an amazing idea for an app. How do I find investors?

Nguyen Hoang

7 Jan, 2022

2 Answers

Lisabetha Thur

Digital marketing investor

Investors invest for returns, not ideas.

While a great idea is important, great execution is far more important.

You need to be able to communicate your long term vision clearly to your investors, and present it in a way that includes their long term incentives as well (how will they get returns?)

There are many places you can find investors:

  • Friends, Family, and "Fools" (basically people close to you who will support you)
  • Angel syndicates / angel communities (they are both online and offline)
  • Online platforms like Angel.co, LinkedIn, BEAMSTART
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • List your startup in online directories focused on fundraising
  • Referrals of clients/friends/other investors

The key is to get a few smaller investors in who can support you in finding more investors.

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An idea for an app or startup might not worth anything until the idea is executed well and converts into traction (users and/or revenue).

You might not want to pitch to VC if it’s still in idea stage, reason being, they will not be interested, unless you are a serial entrepreneur who exited a startup before. Approaching angel investors might be a better idea. Friends & family or experienced partner who has experience in your industry.

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