Singapore’s Foodpanda launches on-demand delivery service

Foodpanda has launched an on-demand delivery service called Pandanow.

Ismawati Asmat30 Jan, 2020

Singapore’s Foodpanda launches on-demand delivery service

Pandanow is 24/7 platform for on-demand delivery of groceries and household items, so customers no longer need to worry about running out of essentials when all the shops have closed at night.

Pandanow offers delivery in 15 minutes and free delivery at no minimum order.

In October 2019, Foodpanda piloted its on-demand delivery service of groceries, flowers and household essentials called Pandamart.

Founded in 2012, Foodpanda is a mobile food delivery marketplace available in 12 countries.

“At Foodpanda, we are constantly looking for ways to use innovation and technology to help meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We are confident that we will continue serving our customers with the best delivery experience and industry-first innovations,” Luc Andreani, Managing Director of Foodpanda Singapore said.

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