Jason Zheng Tao Kang

Trainee Lawyer and Writer

About Jason Zheng Tao Kang

I graduated with a law degree from Queen’s University Belfast. My degree was primarily essay-based, where I had to critically examine multiple areas of law which require in-depth research into academic views and sociological issues in order to do well in my assessments. Through my mini-pupillage and legal internships, I was responsible to proofread a significant volume of court documents, such as witness statements and written submissions drafted by barristers. This is a tremendous responsibility as lawyers and judges are particular about accurate spelling and grammar, and this has trained me to develop an active habit of checking for spelling and grammatical errors in my written work. My legal work experiences have also trained me to have excellent attention to detail. This was demonstrated when I was tasked to transcribe a 4 hour- long court trial word for word (in verbatim) from a video into a word document in a span of 2 days. I successfully completed the task and my supervisor remarked that my quality of work was commendable.

Having been trained as a barrister, I believe that I have the necessary communication skills to thrive as a Digital Content Intern. I have participated in six mooting competitions and have obtained first runner-up awards in two of them. I have had the opportunity to learn how to conduct an effective examination-in-chief, cross-examination and plea in mitigation from distinguished Queen’s Counsels and judges as a participant in the Middle Temple’s advocacy weekend, which I have fully utilised in my subsequent advocacy exercises and assessments. Additionally, as an international students’ officer, I once had to persuade members of the Student Council single-handedly to create new seats for international students in the Student Council with minimal preparation. I am confident in public speaking and am able to relate with people on an individual basis, whether by negotiating, explaining or persuading.

As a school representative 2 years ago, I was responsible to actively collaborate with course representatives, sabbatical officers of the students' union, staff members of the law school and the management board of the university on behalf of all law students to ensure that their needs and concerns are addressed. The demanding nature of the job meant that I had to constantly communicate with different groups of people on a daily basis, and conflicts and disagreements often arise. My responsibilities in this position have trained me to develop very strong organisational skills, including the ability to work autonomously and using my own initiative. My successful organisational skills in this capacity were demonstrated when I received the ‘School Representative of the Year’ award in 2017. Therefore, I believe that I have the necessary ability to work autonomously and with my own schedule to succeed as a Digital Content Intern.

I have an extensive background in content and blog writing through my legal work experiences. In particular, during my internship with a leading arbitration law firm in Malaysia, I was personally responsible to prepare a draft article for the upcoming issue of the World Arbitration Reporter in a short span of time. The draft article was subsequently published with minimal modifications. Additionally, as the school representative and international students’ officer, part of my responsibility included writing extensive reports about my progress on my manifesto pledges and supporting my students’ union’s campaigns through blog posts. In April 2018, I wrote and published a blog post in support of the nationwide UCU strike and detailed the key reasons as to why international students should play an active part in supporting lecturers and tutors in the strike on the basis that it was mutually beneficial for both sides.

I have an extensive background in utilising multiple social media platforms, particularly in my position as the webmaster for the Malaysian Students’ Society. I was primarily responsible to run the society’s website and Facebook page, and update its content on a weekly basis. Through this, I am familiar with the use of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to effectively publicise an event to a large group of people. I am also experienced with using multiple web development platforms including and

I am a trainee lawyer who is proficient in written and spoken English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin Chinese.

In the past, I have offered translation services to those who do not speak English as their first language, as well as writing extensive non-legal articles and court documents in English and Bahasa Malaysia. My current position as a trainee lawyer demands me to maintain a high standard of proficiency across these 3 languages, and I have undertaken a lot of writing, translation, transcribing, proofreading and copywriting within and beyond my occupation.

If you require services in writing, translation, transcribing and/or copywriting in any of these languages, rest assured that I am able to provide the highest quality of services possible at a reasonable rate.

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