The DICE Foundation

Redefining money in the 21st century

About The DICE Foundation

The DICE Foundation is creating a true global digital currency that isn’t based on blockchain technology.

DICE was born out of the frustration and disappointment we experienced a short while ago as a tech startup looking for funding. We knew there were many startups all over the world going through the same thing due to VC/Angels’ tightening purse strings.

We invented the DICE concept to help companies get into business and then stay there.

DICE removes the ever-increasing cost and "businessification" of the ICO process for early start-up companies. It is nothing but a simple digital reincarnation of money in the 21st century. Nothing more and nothing less.

The DICE Foundation is currently in the early stages of its formation but don’t worry, we’re getting there.

Job Positions

Executive Director

We are building something truly unique. A decentralized and free cryptocurrency that is very different from the rest and is also very good for any type of business. We cut off the middlemen - various "platforms", "exchanges", and "consultants", and leave a lean and functional model based on actual people’s needs. Our cryptocurrency requires no special "wallets" and doesn’t use "pools". It is absolutely fee-free for all transactions. It is actually very similar to the money we’ve all been using for millennia, preventing any migration shock. DICE is just normal money, except digitalized and updated for the 21st century. While we have nailed the concept and are currently working to build the first functional system for demonstration, there is still a long way to go and we need help. The DICE Foundation is a non-profit organization with no means to control DICE. We only work for its standardization and implementation. We need an experienced Executive Director, ideally based in London, UK, and from a financial and/or IT background. This individual will be willing and able to sacrifice some time to help us quickly get off the ground. This person will become the face and voice of DICE and will steer us toward its adoption on a mass scale. DICE has no direct competitors and is best for business. However, we need show companies big and small how this vision can benefit them. While we make no profit with the Foundation, the DICE model itself creates a basis for a large number of commercial activities, some of which we will pursue to support our work and to incentivize our team.

LondonSalary Not Disclosed


Konstantin Dimitrov

United Kingdom

Founder of The DICE Foundation


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