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Everything You Need to Know About Malaysia Election 2018

Competition between former PM Mahathir Mohamad and his apprentice turned rival Najib Razak is heightening up to be among the most fiercely contested in history


Online HR platform Swingvy raises funding and backing from Aviva Ventures.

Aviva Ventures' third investment in Asia, Swingvy, looks to strengthen and evolve the HR Tech and InsurTech industry.


Buzzwords to utilize for your work & business profile

If you desire to get that new job, here are a few more methods you can fine-tune your work profile.


Elon Musk shares his secret to managing Tesla and SpaceX simultaneously

Altogether Musk spends approximately 85 to 100 hours every week


Google CEO promises to 'fix' hamburger emoji

It was so shocking that even Google CEO Sundar Pichai noticed and vowed to "drop everything " and resolve as soon as possible if people can settle on exactly what the precise arrangement should be.


Grab enters the digital payments scene with GrabPay

GrabPay lets you pay for food items from hawker stalls, restaurants and shops


Bitcoin Bulls Pass Record High $7000

Bitcoin prices continues to rise as, claiming yet another new record for the 2nd consecutive day in November


Under Armour’s terrible year just got worse

Under Armour announced sales are down for the first time since 2005. The news sent the company’s stock value tumbling nearly 19 percent.


Learn how to come back from failure with these 11 TEDx talks

While a few brave souls confide their losses to trusted friends, the one thing we never do is share our failures to be recorded and watched in perpetuity.


After the end of the startup era

Here it feels like the golden age of the startup is already over.


19 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Writing (Infographic)

These quick fixes can elevate your communication skills to the next level.


What you should know about the PH startup ecosystem

Entrepreneurial spirit is seen to be flourishing in the Philippines


Southeast Asia gaming and e-commerce firm Sea ends first day on NYSE up 8%

Sea, the gaming and e-commerce company holding the first major U.S. IPO from a Southeast Asian tech firm, had a bumpy start to life on the NYSE after closing the day up around eight percent on its list price of $15.


'Startup Courage'? It Starts on Day 1.

When investors ask why a bigger, more established company won't copy your idea, remember that you have no reason to stop in your tracks.


Toys 'R' Us Is Exploring Options for Its $2 Billion Asia Business

Firm weighs listing of regional business on Hong Kong bourse. Beleagured retailer has held preliminary talks with banks.


As tech companies get richer, is it 'game over' for startups?

Young firms struggle to compete as deep-pocketed companies like Facebook and Amazon clone products and consolidate their power


How To Fund Your Startup

Funding is one of the biggest challenges for a startup. Here are some options to help you get off the ground.


Grab taps banks for record $952 million

Funds will be used to create largest car rental programme in South-east Asia


Bitcoin blows past $6,000 for the first time

Bitcoin surged to a record high of more than $6,000 on Friday


Lyft raises £750m from Google's owner in blow to Uber

Ride-hailing app Lyft has raised $1bn (£760m) from Google's parent company, further complicating the convoluted world of ride-hailing alliances and dealing a blow to rival Uber


IBM is using the blockchain to speed up and simplify cross-border payments

The computing giant has teamed up with blockchain startup Stellar and payment company Kickex to launch a cross-border payment system for banks which uses the blockchain


Facebook Messenger now sends money via PayPal

The service will begin to roll out to customers in the United States starting today


Entrepreneurs don’t fail. They learn

Yeah, failure is a part of the game, but giving up is not. I know that fact, but sometimes quitting is the only solution you have.


Dutch family sells everything to bet on bitcoins

A Dutch family has sold virtually all they own, including a business, their home, two cars and a motorbike and invested the takings in bitcoin just as the virtual currency is soaring to new heights.


Is It Possible To Compete With Google As A Startup?

Google has money, servers, network infrastructure, leadership, brand power and everything else.


Why Due Diligence is Important

Or, how venture capital can go horribly wrong if you don’t do your homework


Chinese and Western tech giants battle for Southeast Asia

From ecommerce to cloud services, the fight is on to dominate a market of 200m online


7 Ways To Succeed As An Entrepreneur In The Modern Business World

As the business world becomes savvier, so must new entrepreneurs.


Dear Silicon Valley: America’s fallen out of love with you

You’re too expensive and exclusive for the rest of the world


3 Cost-Effective Ways to Quickly Validate Your Startup Idea

Ready to become an industry-leading problem solver? Use these three strategies to find a solid product-market fit.


This Is Why Rich Asian Families Are Pouring Money Into Tech Startups

Still, putting money into early-stage businesses is a notoriously dicey proposition because only a small fraction succeed.


What Should My Salary Be As A Startup CEO?

When it comes to the business aspect, you’ll need to determine what number is going to adequately compensate you for your time, commitment, and investment, but is also going to be sustainable for the business long-term.


9 Lies We Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Telling Ourselves

The first one is "I'm not smart enough." But that's totally not true, right?


4 Reasons Why Southeast Asian Startups Struggle To Conquer Their Home Turf

In Asia, especially Southeast Asia, this equation looks different. Tech startups don't (or can't) yet wield this level of influence over their local markets.


Ethereum Executes Blockchain Hard Fork to Byzantium

As Byzantium was a planned fork with minimally contentious changes, there's been very little disagreement among the community about the merits of the code changes included in the upgrade.


Facebook’s ‘Order Food’ feature officially launches across the US

Facebook today formally announced its new feature that allows users to order food from local restaurants using its app.


More money pours into Singapore venture capital as Wavemaker closes US$66m fund

Singapore is gaining more prominence as a hub for technology investments.


Accelerating fintech in China

China’s expeditious adoption of fintech is generating profits not only for startups, but also the companies investing in them.


First China, now South Korea has banned ICOs

South Korea has banned ICOs, the up-and-coming method of raising funding via crypto tokens, due to concerns over the potential for financial scams.


Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak launches Woz U institute to train people for tech jobs

Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s three original founders, has launched a new training initiative designed to get people ready for “high-paying technology” jobs.


Facebook Engagement for Brands and Publishers Falls 20% In 2017

Facebook traffic and engagement is way down for so many small to medium size publishers… and some bigger ones too.


Bitcoin smashes through $5,000 barrier for first time

Bitcoin, the biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, has chalked up a more than fivefold increase in price this year.


Entrepreneurship Relies on Collaboration

The days of the lone wolf company founder are over. Building a successful business can be a lot easier when you work with other entrepreneurs


3 Tactics Entrepreneurs Can Use for Startup Success in China

As one founder said, "You don't need to make a cookie with pork floss or chicken feet to appeal to the Chinese market."


The Tencent of Southeast Asia isn't really like Tencent at all

Now that Sea has filed for an initial public offering and given a peak at its financials, the resemblance is starting to break down.


Microsoft Is Offering a $3.5 Million Prize for the Next Big A.I. Startup

A global contest will look for a startup working with artificial intelligence to solve real problems.


SoftBank leads $257m investment in US map and AI startups

Money used for autonomous driving, machine learning, other technologies


3 Ways to Empower Your Business Model to Succeed

Overcome failure, hurdles and lack of action.


Why Those Startup Valuations Might Be Way Off

The price of shares sold in later financing rounds distorts values, a study says


Temasek's Vertex Raises $210 Million for Southeast Asian Deals

Vertex Ventures, the venture capital arm of Temasek Holdings Pte, has completed its biggest fundraising for Southeast Asian and Indian technology deals.


Enhance your e-commerce conversions with these 10 tools

Use data, automation and user-generated content to your advantage


CO3, the work space for new generations

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Malaysia and Brunei, CO3 Social Office offers a unique platform where people can work together and share their ideas freely


Forget moving to Canada — it just got easier to become a permanent resident of Japan

Japan's Ministry of Justice, which oversees immigration, this week announced new rules governing permanent residency


5 Job Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Glassdoor makes its predictions about the year ahead.


What is a liquidation preference?

If you work in the tech industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “liquidation preference” at some point.


4 Strategies to Boost Customer Loyalty

The least expensive and most effective growth strategy is keeping the customers you already have.


How HR can benefit from AI and chatbots

Terrible user interface and complex designs have plagued enterprise tools for decades. These tools are not only boring and bulky, but most of them require hours of training, onboarding, and whatnot before you can actually start using them. You end up losing crucial time just figuring out the basic workflow. This is 2016, and there ought to be a better way for enterprise businesses to get work done quickly and efficiently. The good news is it looks like bots might be the answer.


13 Body Language That Can Make You Look Bad

Our bodies have a language of their own, and their words aren't always kind.


5 People You Need to Meet If You Want to Start a Business

Mentors. Community mavens. Peers. All have something to offer you and your business, if you know how to ask.


How a Contest or Giveaway Can Attract Business Prospects

Find out how to attract attention from customers and the media with a contest.


iprice raises US$4M in Series A round

CEO David Chmelar also claimed that iprice is on the way to reach break even and profitability


VCs Want to See Product-Market Fit

Yes, you can pry a little money from cautious investors' hands -- if you can demonstrate strength in these four metrics.


These Malaysian twins aim to conquer Asia's gift and printing industry

With four companies under their belt, they have reaped in over US$6.35 million in revenue over three years


8 Tips to Find the Right Payment Platform for Your Biz

With so many options to choose from it's not easy finding the right payment platform for your business.


Why Do You Need to Cold Call?

Success does require leaving your comfort zone. Start cold calling potential clients.


12 Local SEO Tips From SEO Agency Founders

These strategies will help boost your brand, expand your reach and gain an edge over the competition.


9 Things Ultra Productive People Do Every Day

When it comes to productivity, the little things make all the difference. These 9 hacks will increase your productivity today.


The Ins and Outs of Microfinancing Your Small Business

What you need to know to land a $10,000 to $50,000 loan.


6 Lessons From the Legends of Advertising

Discover the six overriding lessons for putting together a promotional campaign that produces the best results.


7 Inspiring Documentaries Every Business Owner Must Watch

What's better on a hot summer night than a cold beer and a cool documentary streaming on the tube?


The Biggest Company Name Changes (Infographic)

Did you know that Pepsi used to be called 'Brad's Drink'?


How Small Businesses Can Prepare for Marketing in 2017

Play your marketing cards right, and 2017 can be a banner year.


Mavcap aims to set up RM2bil investment funds

VC firm inks MoUs with Gobi Partners and Elixir Capital


A Singapore private university is investing US$35.1M to develop entrepreneurs

Its new initiative is a multi-pronged approach to encourage the building of new startups


Thailand is launching a stock exchange just for startups; no revenue required

The report by Nikkei Review states that companies could list on the very day they are established, without any record of earnings


5 Steps to Bring Users Back to Your App

Smartphone users have short attention spans, but with the right reminders in the right place, they don't have to stay "gone" forever


Philippines-based Original Pitch VC looks to invest US$1.2M into companies this year

As an investor, Original Pitch aims to invest in startups to growth stage companies


Aspiring entrepreneurs: Kickstart your 2017 with NUS' Global Entrepreneurs' Conference

To kick off 2017, NUS Entrepreneurship Society will be organising the Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference from 3 January to 7 January 2017


TED's Chris Anderson Reveals How To Give A Great TED Talk

TED curator Chris Anderson posted a video titled How to Give a Great TED Talk


Grant Cardone: 6 Commitments You Must Make to Be Successful

The multimillionaire sales expert shares the commitments he made along the way to achieve his high level of success.


10 Reasons Why Your Startup Idea Doesn't Get Funded

You might have enough passion to fuel your desires to become a startup entrepreneur. But your idea just isn’t selling. What’s going on?


10 tips for pitching angel investors

Are you an entrepreneur looking for seed money to get your startup off the ground? Consider approaching angel investors, who often step in to fill the gap


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