Acronis Cloud Backup Solution

Customized Cloud Acronis Backup Solution 
1- Support for any Platform Devices and Mobile IOS and Android 

2- Cloud Management & Deployment 

3- Advanced Complete Protection for Any Ransomware Attacks 

4- Easy for Migration and Fastest Recovery 

5- Security Encryption Backup Password Features

6- Advanced Scheduling for Backup 

7- Unlimited of Retention Backup Copies 

8- Support for any Backup Media 

9- Disaster Recovery Advanced Features 

10- Agent or Agentless type Support 

11- Protect with your own Password and Backup To Any Location You Require 

** Pricing are vary depends on the requirement 

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IT First Sdn Bhd

Design and Implement Affordable Solution

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reputation: 100%

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