Prepare Your Business for Investment (Exclusive for Established Businesses)

A 2-months Program to Prepare Your Business For Investment

Firms raise money mainly to meet the following 3 types of need:

1) To start a business as initial expenditure;

2) To fund continuous business activities and money flowing;

3) To expand the business.

Why can some companies raised so much funding and scaled so far but some businesses can't even understand how fund raising works.

Being stucked at business proposal, pitch deck and pitching are the most common cases.

Bad negotation on your company valuation, deal (company) structuring, legal terms sheet & agreement with your investors will cause both parties in a dead lock. This is where most of the companies & shareholders being stucked at dispute court cases.

In these 2 months, our team is dedicated to support you in the areas below:

- Assisting and supporitng in business proposal, pitch deck and pitching

- Assisting and advising in company valuation on how to value your company

- Assisting and advising your deal structuring with investor(s) to structure an international-level company

- Understanding company legal terms such as ordinary share, convertible share (note, share and bond), tag-along & drag-along right, pre-emptive right, anti-dilution & dilution right, pro-rata dilution and etc.

Why you need it:

Example case

Person A invested RM 100,000 for 10% share in a gym business. Company worth RM 1million. Person B owns 90% share and running the company. When the company expanded and needed extra RM 200,000 to upgrade equipments, person C is willing to invest RM 100,000 and take 5% of the company and it's worth RM 2million at current stage. Who is giving out the 5%? Who is fronting the remaining RM 100,000? If person A refuse to pump in more cash, does he stay 10%? If he is willing to front another RM 100,000, how much share does he get?

The team behind:

This program is dedicated to accelerate your fund raising process and reduce the risk of having dispute with your shareholders and investors.


- We do not guarantee the success in fund raising process. This is a program to help you save time in fund raising

- This program is not suitable for IPO & pre-IPO companies

- Do contact me via BEAM if you need more clarifications before making payment

Wallace Ho


Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Reputation: 100%

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