PatrickUnited States

President Rhino Spirits

Ellen AndersonUnited States

SolopreneurManaging Director at-large, copy-writer at heart

Deepu GeorgeUnited States

Co - Founder & Director of Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc.A technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He has been pioneering financial leadership nurturing the growth of company ...

DeannaUnited States


Rick SmithUnited States

Founder & CEO at NEWSUSA, Active Investor in 100+ emerging companies Txt or call 703-508-8700

Brendon WongUnited States

CEO of Antigravity InvestmentsBrendon is the founder of Antigravity Investments, a fintech startup with the mission of replacing multitrillion-dollar financial products with code.

Ben ArsenaultUnited States

OwnerI’m the sole owner of my software company Ben Arsenault Design, we bring digital ideas to life and create marketing solutions to drive revenue and c...

Robert KwanUnited States

Founder/CEO of What Should I Do? ( anything art, and a hunger for business too.

Tarun NagarUnited States

CEO of Dev TechnoayaTarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile, and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling ...

jenniferUnited States

VP FREQVice President, FREQ

Robert McMonagleUnited States

CTOCTO & Entrepreneur with investment opportunities

Shashank NainwalUnited States

CEO at

Jason MackeyUnited States

Managing Director at Venturitas

PeterUnited States

CEO @ Madrid's Commercial Industrial CleaningHard worker and ambitious. I currently work as an accountant for a company and run my own commercial industrial cleaning company. I also started a new...

AnthonyUnited States

Founder/CEOI am a beginner entrepreneur with a validated idea for a startup. I am looking for help in moving forward with my idea.

Jeff WilliamsUnited States

Creative Ideas GuyI have a regular job, but my dream is to be successful with one of the 40+ ideas on a spreadsheet I keep so I can work on being a great leader as well...

Jesús GilUnited States

CEO of HypeBattleHi, I am 19 years old, took 4 years studying programming, graphic design and web design by my account, to the 15 years I started to work as a freelanc...

Jay Hunter LeeUnited States

CEOCEO of a start up company with solid investment opportunities regarding hosting conferences touring the United States

Seashore PartnerUnited States

CEO Of Kuntal MehtaSeashore Partners Software Company with 10 years of experience offers Custom Software Development Company, web and mobile development, Digital Marketi...

Lee PoetUnited States

Founder: Lee Poet EnterprisesThree Projects: (1) San Diego Grand Prix - Formula One / Indy Racing in San Diego. (2) Flood Water Protection for Commercial / Military / Residenti...

Len Wilson IIUnited States

Founder & CEO of EYEzEARzCreated a social media website designed to honor and showcase Mentors internationally who are responsible for our success.