Understand Paediatric Heart Surgery to Ensure Kid’s Heart Health

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Understand Paediatric Heart Surgery to Ensure Kid’s Heart Health - BEAMSTART

Children born with congenital heart diseases or children who get any severe heart diseases after birth need to be treated with a surgical approach. Children with heart problems need surgery at the best heart hospital in Ludhiana to ensure their long term health. 


Some heart illnesses need immediate surgical assistance after birth, but some can be cured after years. The type and number of surgery relies on the severity of the heart ailment.


Paediatric heart surgeons are totally responsible for the care and better life of children with heart ailments.


First, doctors try noninactive or minimally invasive methods for treatment. If they don't find it useful, then they go with invasive or surgical methods. In the whole procedure, the role of parents is very critical. Doctors need to keep them notified regarding the entire treatment at every step.


There are different kinds of heart defects. Some are severe, and some are minor. Large blood arteries outside the heart or the heart itself may develop defects. In some cases, a surgical approach right after the baby's birth is necessary. But in a few heart problems, your child can postpone its surgery for a few weeks, months, or years.


Sometimes, one surgery is enough to cure the problem, but sometimes, numerous surgeries can be done to treat the problem. Three different kinds of methods are listed below to treat congenital heart diseases in kids.

Open Heart Surgery :

Surgeons use heart-lung bypass machines in open-heart surgery. 


A cut is made through the breastbone ( also referred to as the Sternum). General anaesthesia is given to the child to make this procedure pain-free and make the child asleep.


During surgery, surgeons use a heart lung bypass machine to provide blood supply to the body. This machine adds oxygen to the blood to keep it warm; this machine supplies blood to the body throughout the surgical process.


With a heart lung bypass machine, surgeons can stop the heart. Stopping the heart allows surgeons to repair defects in the heart, valves, and muscles around the heart. Once the surgery is completed, cuts and incisions are closed with precision.

Closed Heart Surgery: 

In some cases, doctors make cuts on the side of the chest between ribs. This is known as Thoracotomy or closed heart surgery. This surgery requires special tools and a camera. A lung bypass machine is not needed for this surgery. This surgical method is applicable to only a few heart problems. 

Third Method:

Small tubes are inserted in any one artery through the legs and pass them up to the heart. This method is known as cardiac catheterization. Not all illnesses can be fixed with this procedure. 

Need of This Procedure : 

Generally, there are three kinds of heart ailments. One that needs immediate surgical assistance, one that can wait for a few weeks or months, and the last that doesn't require a surgical approach.

  • Below are symptoms that indicate the need for surgery -
  • Blue or brown coloured skin and lips. 

  • Nail Bed (Cyanosis) 

  • Lack of oxygen in blood (Hypoxia) 

  • Wet or congested lungs ( difficulty in breathing ) 

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Poor feeding and sleeping 

In conclusion

According to the best cardiologist in Srinagar, there are numerous risks associated with CAG, like breathing difficulty, infections, blood clots, air bubbles and death. If your child is talking, then make him understand the procedure, like telling him about procedures involved in his heart treatment, from tests to recovery. ICU care is required. Some children need to be in ICU for 5 to 7 days, or some can be discharged in 2 to 4 days after surgery, depending upon age and severity. 


CAG is treatable; many kids are living their fulfilling lives with proper surgical approaches.

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