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News until Jan 11, 2018

GoPro quits the drone business

The company is laying off hundreds of jobs, and said its Karma drone will be the last it makes

BEAM TeamJan 10, 2018

30 Richest Millennial Entrepreneurs

To identify the richest millennial entrepreneurs in the world, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed a wealth of sources, including news sites Forbes, Bloomberg, and Wealth-X

BEAM TeamJan 10, 2018

How To Launch Your Very Own Silicon Valley Tech Startup

The thing to keep in mind here is that in order to succeed your idea doesn’t have to be brilliant, it only has to be better than what the market currently offers.

BEAM TeamJan 10, 2018

Do I Need an Entrepreneurship Degree to be a Good Entrepreneur?

Why a degree in entrepreneurship is no longer a thing.

BEAM TeamJan 09, 2018

4 Life Lessons from Steve Job’s Biography

Essential lessons you can learn from Steve Jobs right now.

BEAM TeamJan 08, 2018

How to check if Apple is slowing down your iPhone

To prevent unexpected shutdowns that sometimes occur when processors don’t get enough power, the company dialed down the speeds of iPhone processors in units with those batteries.

BEAM TeamJan 07, 2018

Travis Kalanick is now a real-life billionaire

The Uber founder’s bank account will grow by $1.4 billion thanks to the SoftBank deal.

BEAM TeamJan 06, 2018

What Do Foreigners Love Most About Malaysia?

Did you know there are around 200,000 foreigners living in Malaysia? Aside from that, there were more than 25 million tourists visiting the country in 2015 and the number has steadily increased every year. As Malaysians, we speak highly of things such as great food, superb holiday locations and many others. But have we wondered what non-citizens of this country love about Malaysia?

AngelaJan 05, 2018

Ethereum breaks new record by reaching $1,000 for the first time

2017 may have been a huge year for cryptocurrencies across the board, but one of the most important stories is that there are now many different tokens worth tens of billions of dollars when it comes to market capitalization.

BEAM TeamJan 05, 2018

You’ve been charging your smartphone wrong

Do you know how to keep your smartphone’s battery healthy?

BEAM TeamJan 04, 2018

Malaysia ranked 5th in the list of retirement havens for 2018

The annual Retirement Index compiles the top 24 retirement havens worldwide

BEAM TeamJan 04, 2018

Convertible Preferred Debt Sucks for Startups

You should know what you're getting into, and why.

Kenneth HoJan 03, 2018

Why you should consider doing business in Singapore

Singapore is a particularly appealing business hotspot, with an international business-friendly atmosphere confirmed by numerous accolades

BEAM TeamJan 03, 2018

How To Start A Business In 2018

An important step in securing capital is having a well written business plan that provides a detailed description of the products and services the company will offer

BEAM TeamJan 03, 2018

The Quickest Way to Make Your Idea Valuable

Get past being overwhelmed and make your idea valuable.

BEAM TeamJan 02, 2018

Here’s how Masayoshi Son became one of tech’s most powerful people

Masayoshi Son is shaking up Silicon Valley $1 billion at a time

BEAM TeamJan 02, 2018

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