News before Sep 23, 2017

Get More Word of Mouth Referrals Using These 4 Tips

A study conducted by Google, TNS and Ogilvy solidified what many already knew. Word of mouth is the most influential point in making purchasing decisions.

BEAM TeamSep 23, 2017

Why Toys 'R' Us Failed

How Bad Assumptions Fed Bad Financial Planning Creating Failure

BEAM TeamSep 23, 2017

Why Amazon, Facebook, and Google Are Hurting Entrepreneurship in the US

There's a startup slump in America, and the nation's biggest companies may to be blame.

BEAM TeamSep 22, 2017

Google Just Gave Every Startup a Huge Gift With 1 Amazing, Free Website

Every startup wants the formula for success. Google just provided it for free.

BEAM TeamSep 22, 2017

Ageing population to drive new business opportunities in Asia

Compared to a number of nations, the impact of ageing on Malaysia’s economic growth is relatively gentle and will not really be felt until the 2050s

BEAM TeamSep 22, 2017

What lured billionaire Taizo Son to Singapore from Tokyo

Japanese billionaire Taizo Son, founder and CEO of Mistletoe, says Southeast Asian start-ups can leapfrog their peers in developed markets

BEAM TeamSep 22, 2017

Building a startup is hard. You can now get all the help you need.

Connections, Customers, Capital, Counsel, and much more.

Kenneth HoSep 17, 2017

SoftBank, Dragoneer, Didi close to finalizing investment in Uber

Japan’s SoftBank Group, U.S. investment group Dragoneer and Chinese rideshare giant Didi Chuxing are close to finalizing their investment in Uber via a joint venture

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

Scientists Say That Being Forgetful Is Actually A Sign You Are Unusually Intelligent

Having a fast or accurate memory recall is certainly something that comes in handy at school when you’re doing something like learning multiplication tables. It can also be useful in the workplace when you’re trying to remember someone’s name.

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

How pro rata works in venture capital deals

To the uninitiated, startup fundraising can be confusing.

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

5 Tips To Optimize Your Website's Homepage

Your homepage is some of the most important real estate on your entire website.

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

Branding For Small Businesses Made Simple

There’s a lot of content out there that is written to help small business owners do their own marketing, but it’s often written by marketers who are adept in things like analytics, content marketing, and technical jargon

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

WhatsApp will finally let people ‘unsend’ embarrassing messages

But ONLY within 5 minutes of it being sent and if the recipient hasn't opened it first

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

North Korea’s hackers are reportedly targeting bitcoin exchanges

North Korea’s hackers have been linked with many attacks, including the 2014 Sony hack, but it looks like the totalitarian state is now targeting bitcoin, and crypto coin exchanges in particular, with its hacking teams.

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

Ex-Sequoia Asia partner Yinglan Tan closes $25M fund and makes first investment

More details about former Sequoia venture partner Yinglan Tan’s new fund have emerged after an SEC filing confirmed that it has raised $25 million for its maiden fund, and it made its first investment.

BEAM TeamSep 17, 2017

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