News until Jul 14, 2017

Look East, young entrepreneurs, for your next big idea

Imagine you are looking for the Next Big Idea to start a company. Where would you look?

BEAM TeamJul 14, 2017

The fastest growing companies use these technologies

The 1,250 companies that were analyzed in this study came from the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

BEAM TeamJul 14, 2017

Inside the Q2 2017 global venture capital ecosystem

Although the global venture capital market is still recovering from a significant dip at the end of last year, Q2 2017 was, in general, a fairly good quarter.

BEAM TeamJul 14, 2017

Snapchat IPO Investors Have Now All Lost Money on Snap Stock

All the investors who bought into the disappearing-message app company's much-hyped stock market debut have officially lost money.

BEAM TeamJul 14, 2017

These 13 words and 10 tips will help salespeople close more deals faster

There are certain words salespeople should use to boost their chances of closing more deals, and, beyond that, there are certain characteristics common to top salespeople.

BEAM TeamJul 13, 2017

Women are better at crowdfunding than men, PwC

Overall campaigns led by women were 32% more successful at reaching their funding target than those led by men across a wide range of sectors, geography and cultures.

BEAM TeamJul 13, 2017

Tralulu wants to connect travellers around Southeast Asia to quality local guides

For a different travel experience and to support more local guides in generating more income.

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

Jawbone's demise a case of 'death by overfunding' in Silicon Valley

Lots of funding can be more harmful than good.

Kenneth HoJul 11, 2017

How does the Blockchain Work (for Dummies) explained simply

How does the Blockchain Work? Well here is a simple explanation that cuts through the hype.

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

Why advertisers should pay attention to Snapchat's new maps feature

Snapchat is putting together the building blocks for a powerful location-based ad business

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

The Advantages of a Smaller Startup Ecosystem

While it's easy to assume that the best places to launch startups are major cities, don't make the mistake of underestimating the potential found in smaller communities.

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

These 26 photos prove Google has the coolest offices around the world

Google employees worldwide have many well-publicized and fantastic benefits like in-house massage rooms, free gourmet food, and fabulous parties and retreats.

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

5 Signs That Your Boss Might Actually Be a Psychopath

21 percent of business leaders show ‘psychopathic tendencies’. Is your boss one of them?

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

WeWork is worth more than Twitter, Box, and Blue Apron combined

At a $20 billion valuation, the co-working giant tops the market caps of Twitter ($12.96 billion), Box ($2.44 billion), and Blue Apron ($1.54 billion) combined.

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

Snap falls below its IPO price

Public investors have lost money on the company since its March IPO

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

Why US Tech Firms Are Doubling Down on Asia

VCs in the U.S. are dedicating Asia specific funds and increasing their overall foreign investments

BEAM TeamJul 11, 2017

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