News until Jun 13, 2017

Raise Funds directly from Individual/Angel Investors

Making capital directly accessible on a broader scale to startups and SMEs

BEAM TeamJun 13, 2017

Finding investors who are *actually* helpful

Most VCs market themselves as “more than just a check”. That often creates unrealistic, dangerous expectations

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

5 Lies the World Tells Entrepreneurs About How to Succeed

Hard work and persistence are not enough -- true success hinges on another factor (and it's not luck).

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

5 Reasons why working for a startup is a good idea

If you're considering switching careers. Here's why.

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

WaveMaker Partners is closing US$50M fund as Tim Draper shifts focus from China to Indonesia

In the Southeast Asia region, WaveMaker Partners has exited five tech companies in the past two years alone

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

How to fend off over-collaboration and do deep work

The modern workplace is full of distractions.

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? (Infographic)

Emotional intelligence plays a key role in every aspect of your life.

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Fail

In the years I’ve spent helping other people overcome their personal issues, I’ve often been asked what the biggest cause of failure was that I’ve come across.

BEAM TeamJun 12, 2017

Gaining unfair competitive advantage

A solid entrepreneur knows that success made up of 90% effort, and 10% luck.

BEAM TeamJun 11, 2017

Good engineers are hard to come by. How can you hire them?

In a world that increasingly runs on code, software engineers are in high demand.

BEAM TeamJun 11, 2017

How does startup dilution for founders work with ESOPs and investment?

Dilution happens like shit happens. If you raise money, hire staff, engage in M&A, give shares to lawyers when you were broke, you are going to get diluted

BEAM TeamJun 11, 2017

MaGIC launches two programmes to help Malaysia corporates connect with startups

Corporate innovation in Malaysia is a problem, and MaGIC hopes these two programmes can help fix the issue

BEAM TeamJun 11, 2017

Thailand has a new industrial-focused VC fund called AddVentures

AddVentures was launched by Thai industrial conglomerate Siam Cement Group

BEAM TeamJun 11, 2017

Why we need more female business angels

This fact forms part of a bigger picture of gender imbalance in the business world. Just a tenth of capital invested globally is in a business led by a woman.

BEAM TeamJun 11, 2017

Who is Alibaba's biggest shareholder?

Clue: they invested 14 years ago

BEAM TeamJun 08, 2017

5 Ways To Find Angel Investors For Your Tech Startup

Landing an angel investor is not always an easy task, especially if you don't have experience raising funds.

BEAM TeamJun 08, 2017

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