News before May 12, 2017

This Picture Will Change the Way You Learn to Code

These visualizations are great resources for both beginners and experts.

BEAM TeamMay 12, 2017

Bank Negara to seek fintech ideas from the public

In October last year, the central bank issued the Financial Technology Regulatory Sandbox Framework for financial institutions and fintech players.

BEAM TeamMay 12, 2017

Will Entrepreneurship Make You Rich? Here's a realistic perspective

If you become an entrepreneur just because you see it as a shortcut to "get rich," you may need to rethink your priorities. However, entrepreneurship does offer significant potential.

BEAMSTARTMay 10, 2017

What Is The Secret To Success? Young M'sian Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

Success. The word carries such a huge bearing on our lives. Our whole life, we are hounded by the word.

BEAM TeamMay 09, 2017

Malaysia’s Media Prima acquires Catcha’s REV Asia for $24m

Malaysia’s prominent entrepreneurs Patrick Grove, Khailee Ng, and Joel Neoh have scored another exit.

Alfred LeeMay 09, 2017

Renovation Tips to Revitalize Your Office

Sometimes an office lacks personality or needs a modern update.

BEAM TeamMay 08, 2017

5 Types of Frenemies at Work

These relationships are more common than you might think.

BEAM TeamMay 08, 2017

Singapore’s Future, and Lessons from Boston

Singapore’s success in managing its paradox has been achieved by a mixture of good Government, good luck and a heavy dose of kiasuism

BEAM TeamMay 06, 2017

Is Singapore tech ecosystem sustainable? Report shows half of startups operating at loss

High growth without sustainable revenue streams can be problematic down the line

BEAM TeamMay 06, 2017

5 Lessons From the Great Pepsi Shakeup

Hitching your advertising to a trendy topic has great potential, both for better and worse.

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

5 Dumb Things Freelancers Say to Clients (and What to Say Instead)

If you don't have anything nice to say you won't succeed at this.

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

Why your company needs an Artist-in-Residence

In-house artists of varying ilks are going to become the norm to bring excitement, curiosity and maker spaces to office environments and co-working spaces

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

4 Ways to Get Big Marketing Results on a Starter Budget

You can cost-efficiently win customers, without the big budget

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

4 essential startup expenses that no entrepreneur should skip

As the saying goes: You gotta spend money to make money

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

How To Stay Safe From The Latest Google Phishing Attack

Anyone who uses Gmail or Google Docs might be a victim

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

How I got 6 million app downloads without investing in marketing

Sometimes, even if the product is right, it will not reach the customer if the startup or the team never focusses on distribution

BEAM TeamMay 05, 2017

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