News until Mar 17, 2017

The Simple Principle of 90/10 that Affects Your Whole Life

You won’t regret trying to use the 90/10 principle in your life. Quite the opposite — you’ll be amazed by the results.

BEAM TeamMar 16, 2017

GetLinks and BEAM forge partnership to bring greater access to tech talent within the region.

Better job opportunities and access to a wider pool of developers and designers that companies are seeking to hire.

BEAM TeamMar 16, 2017

How 123RF founders bootstrapped their way to success

Like many startups, Inmagine’s origins began in an apartment with a laptop and two co-founders

BEAM TeamMar 16, 2017

Entrepreneurial lessons from a former Groupon CEO

Danny Yeung has sold Hong Kong-style desserts in San Francisco, closed multi-billion dollar furniture deals in Vegas, and sold his six-month old group buying website to Groupon

BEAM TeamMar 16, 2017

Meet the 13-Year-Old Filipino Programmer Who Built Her Own Company

While many 10-year-old kids are busy playing outside, one young girl from the Philippines got busy learning something very different.

BEAM TeamMar 15, 2017

Singapore Tops Tokyo as Asia's City With Best Quality of Living

Good infrastructure helps Singapore rise one place in rank

BEAM TeamMar 15, 2017

I Use My Personal Brand to Drive Revenue. You Can Too.

Online branding efforts will give you a competitive edge in driving sales, whether you're in a sales role or not.

BEAM TeamMar 15, 2017

Branson: Get out of your comfort zone

“My dyslexia may have been an obstacle when I was at school, but I refused to let it hold me back in life. Learn to use it to your advantage – turning it into one of your most powerful tools.

BEAM TeamMar 14, 2017

BEAM launches 'Tap to Meet Up' to expedite business and professional appointments.

In a tap of a button, BEAM will instantly make a professional introduction between you and someone you'd like to meet up with.

BEAM TeamMar 13, 2017

10 Web Design Trend Predictions for 2017

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good opportunity to look at the current state of the web design industry and where it might be heading.

BEAM TeamMar 13, 2017

Startups need to manage these risks or die

Startups can mitigate the risks by first identifying what these risks are then knowing how to handle them.

BEAM TeamMar 13, 2017

10 Leadership Books You Should Read This Weekend

Reading is the only proven shortcut to success.

BEAM TeamMar 11, 2017

What I Learned From Developing Branding for Airbnb, Dropbox and Thumbtack

There are plenty of theories for why YouTube became one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley history.

BEAM TeamMar 10, 2017

5 Ways That Coffee Affects Productivity

Yes, we all love java. It gets us going in the morning. And the afternoon. And the evening. But is it really such a good idea?

BEAM TeamMar 10, 2017

Exit landscape in Southeast Asia: What founders need to know before receiving external funding

Is an IPO just a fundraising event for Southeast Asian startups?

BEAM TeamMar 08, 2017

Exabytes acquires HT Internet in strategic move

Aims for acquisition to contribute at least 5% of group’s total bottom line within 3 years, acquisition paid for in cash in two tranches, before and after due diligence.

BEAM TeamMar 07, 2017

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