News until Jan 23, 2017

7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit, Even When They Like Their Job

To win at being the best company, you must first win over your best employees.

BEAM TeamJan 23, 2017

How Did Mark Zuckerberg Retain 26% Of Equity In Facebook After Raising So Much Money?

Zuckerberg was not getting carried away by the VC bidding frenzy

BEAM TeamJan 21, 2017

Asia Pacific will be a driver of global IoT growth in the next 5 years

Everything is becoming smart, and Asia Pacific is right in the middle of things

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

10 Great Quotes on the Power of Goals

Setting goals is the first step to accomplishing anything meaningful.

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

10 Great Tips To Raise Funding For Your Hong Kong Startup

Looking to get your Hong Kong based startup funded? A great place to start is knowing a few inside tips from founders and investors familiar with the turf.

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

Malaysia Digital Hub to be launched in March

The Malaysia Digital Hub, catering to the start-up community, will be launched in March

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

Stellar Coach & Grow Programme to continue receiving funding

Ministry of Finance pumps in RM4 mil (US$895k) to CGP programme to assist startups. To date, CGP graduates have collectively generated US$285 mil in revenue

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

Startup visa alternative will launch in July

A new pathway to the U.S. will open up for foreign entrepreneurs in July.

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

France creates a special visa for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors

Just in time before the 2017 presidential election in France, the current French government wanted to announce one last thing to foster French startups.

BEAM TeamJan 19, 2017

20 Inspiring Quotes on How to Build a Successful Startup

Don't be discouraged by the number of times you have tried and failed, but be inspired by the number of people who have failed and bounced back as successful entrepreneurs.

BEAM TeamJan 17, 2017

Is entrepreneurship overhyped and glorified?

No one can explain the deep pain of starting out as an entrepreneur. This part is over-hyped and over-glorified.

BEAM TeamJan 17, 2017

AirAsia is hosting its first hackathon

Budget airline AirAsia is the latest corporate to get into hackathons. The company just revealed plans to host its first-ever hack event on March 18 at its..

BEAM TeamJan 17, 2017

Instagram Stories Is Likely to Become a Powerful Marketing Tool

Stories is potent and affordable medium for providing an immersive advertising experience.

BEAM TeamJan 17, 2017

25 Must-Reads For Angel Investors

There were some really great articles last year that made a difference to investing and thinking about trends and policies.

BEAM TeamJan 16, 2017

Can You Build A Startup In A Day?

The key is to remember to actually commercialize the product, not just to build something and then never let the world see it.

BEAM TeamJan 16, 2017

Will the last person to leave social media please turn off the light?

After the early, exciting expository years of the Internet - the Age of Jennicam where the web was supposed to act as confessional and stage - things changed..

BEAM TeamJan 14, 2017

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