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Date Posted

25 Jun, 2022

Salary Offered

$60 — $90 yearly

Job Type

Full Time

Experience Required

3+ years

Remote Work


Stock Options



1 available

Greywing tracks vessels and the crew onboard and optimises technology to automate crew changes.


Come and set up our Marketing - Our philosophy on hiring is to hire the best people we can and to keep the team compact. It is not for everyone. There are no free laptops/swag (we prefer to spend the money on salaries) and the main reason we work together is because we are an execution focused team who want to deliver life changing products to users in a nascent market for maritime technology.

The founding team brings together 10 years of domain experience in the Maritime Industry and 10 years building Tech and Leading development teams. We have great customers including some of the best names in the maritime space and we have a strong pipeline with the large players.

What we don't have is an effective way to reach out to the smaller maritime operators with anything from 1 to 20 ships.

We are developing first of its kind technology in the marine industry and at the moment we are unique with no competitors and the only other solution our Users have is a harder days work and less free time.

We are optimising our core product with some large ship managers at the moment. Right now it takes some integrations to plug it into our clients and the time it takes to do that slows down our growth.

Our objective in the coming months is to isolate the 80% of our product that does not need to be integrated and to get that to market with smaller ship operators. We'll still work with the big guys, but we want to be on hand for everyone.

What we need you to do

That is where you come in. We need someone to lead marketing on our social media channels (Linkedin and Twitter), take control of our content marketing strategy over email and to design a solid funnel to bring leads, from the long tail of vessel operators, to our door, that ideally will convert with the minimum of human interaction.

It's not that we don't like people, our CEO, Nick loves talking to people, but if he has to talk to everyone it'll take too long and our view on the company is to focus on growth through a strong product, clear ROI and word of mouth instead of requiring a high touch, costly, sales team.

Our view is that marketing is responsible for getting people to show up and ask to try the product, then your job is done. It's the job of the product and the sales team to get them to buy.

You will be a subject matter expert in marketing and either be keen to break out of your current role to lead a marketing from the ground up for the first time, or you will have experience leading marketing for other start ups previously. It is likely in either case you will come from a start up background.

You are Greywing's Head of Marketing. It is yours to set up: run it as you wish.

The company is based in Singapore, currently has 3 Engineers, a Chief of Staff, CTO and CEO. 50% of our team are remote, and there is no requirement for this role to be in Singapore.

Other Team Members we need

We are also hiring for Customer Success and Sales Leads so if there is anyone you know who sounds like they would be interested feel free to let us know.

How to apply

See our CEO, Nick Clarke's, top tips for recording an awesome Loom here.

If you are interested, please reach out with a short Loom video answering the following questions:

  1. What should we know about you? Background, capabilities, what you think your strengths are.
  2. What interests you about us?
  3. Tell us a little about the most memorable project you've worked on. What were the hardest parts? What were the best moments?

About Greywing

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The Operating System for Maritime

Company Size: 6 - 10 People
Year Founded: 2019
Country: Singapore

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