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Date Posted

26 May, 2023

Salary Offered

$70000 — $110000 yearly

Job Type

Full Time

Experience Required

No experience required

Remote Work


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1 available

Mito is a 3 person team of motivated builders helping companies transition old, manual spreadsheet processes and people to use Python. We’re helping the next 1M Python users get started, and so we’ve built the Mito spreadsheet which generates Python code as you edit it.

Our earliest customers are some of the largest banks in the US and Canada. They’ve trained over 5000 analysts to use Mito, so these analysts can automate their manual Excel reports without waiting months for help from IT.

We’re looking to make our first engineer hire. As such, we’re looking for a generalist who can help us take our product from one to two.

A lot of this job is going to be mastering the Mito codebase. This includes helping us build new features, upgrading old features, improving our deployment processes, and building better internal tools to make all of this go faster. As our first hire, you’ll have the opportunity to help build our technical and product culture - we want to build useful, cool shit quickly - and have fun while doing it!

You’ll also have the chance to work with customers directly to help them succeed. We do a large amount of work directly with our customers, helping them where the Mito spreadsheet is confusing or incomplete (we are a startup, after all), and using these insights to then improve the product.

This also involves doing some product work. You’ll help us prioritize what features are most helpful for the users you’re working with. You’ll take features from ideation → user research → specification → building → shipping → learning weekly — experience you can only get at a startup our size.

About Us

Mito is a small team of three co-founders currently (Nate, Aaron, Jake — good to meet). We’ve been working together in some capacity for the past 10 years, as Aaron and Jake are twin brothers, and all three of us went to highschool and college together. Our strong personal relationships are the backbone of our company.

Our main product is open-core, which means that we do 90%+ of our building totally in public. Internally, we are small enough that we are a very public team; you'd want to be comfortable working in open channels rather than secretively over in a dark corner.

We are currently a remote-first company, with a team member in SF and two team members in NYC.

Virtually all customer communication is in writing or over zoom. We are a global company, but most of our communication is in English. Clear communication in English is essential.

Although we’re a small startup, we’re a real company. US employees will be getting health-care, flexible vacation time, hardware allowances, and competitive compensation.

Within the past year, we’ve raised a round from top investors, including Y Combinator, the Sequoia Scout Fund, and top angels from within the data science and finance space.

What You’ll Do

Practically, here’s a day in the life. In the morning, you might use a chunk of a few hours to implement a specification for a new feature: grouping dates within pivot tables. This will include writing some Python code to implement the backend, and writing some TypeScript code to update the front-end. After getting up a PR on our open-source codebase, you’ll then take some time to review similar PRs from Nate or Aaron.

In the afternoon, you’ll have some calls with customers, helping them use the Mito spreadsheet to automate some work. In doing so, you’ll help two customers. Since both of these customers needed VLOOKUPs, you spent an hour in the afternoon building a specification for adding VLOOKUPs to Mito.

This day is meant to demonstrate that our stage means that we’re all generalists. At our size and with our traction, you’ll get experience in working with customers from problem to solution at the speed you’re unlikely to find anywhere else!

You’ll be Good at This Job if You

Know your way around software development. We’ve been building Mito for going-on three years, so you’ll need to master the codebase as you begin to build on top of it. We value folks who write good code!

Have good instincts for balancing customer demands with healthy boundaries. Your favorite interactions are the ones where you taught a customer how to solve their own problem.

Like some structure, but are comfortable with not having a standard playbook for most problems. You also like putting some structure in place where there isn't any, and are open to trying new things if something isn't working.


Mito is a JupyterLab extension. Our backend is typed Python, and our frontend is TypeScript/React.

Since we’re implementing a spreadsheet, it’s also helpful if you have experience with Excel or Google Sheets.

We’re obsessed with internal developer experience and velocity, so we build a lot of internal tooling to make our lives easier.

About Mito

Mito Logo

Write Python by editing a spreadsheet UI

Company Size: 1 - 5 People
Year Founded: 2020
Country: United States

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