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01 Apr, 2023

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3+ years

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TLDR: We are solving treasury management (internal cash flows, account management, FX) for companies expanding globally. We’re looking to bring on our founding engineering partner.

To expand internationally, a company today has to incorporate a foreign entity, open up foreign bank accounts, and deal with multiple currencies. They need a team that manages incoming and outgoing cross-border payments, and transfers money between their internal accounts.The process is operationally complex, expensive, and exposes the business to the ongoing risk of currency fluctuations.

We allow companies to operate globally without having to deal with any other currency beyond their home currency. For early stage startups – we allow them to send and receive money to/from vendors and customers globally without the need to open foreign bank accounts, convert currencies, and hire FTEs. With us they can accept funds from across the globe and pay any bill they want directly in their home currency. For larger companies, with existing international operations, we provide a single platform to see and automate transfers between internal accounts in any country – saving time and money, reducing risk, and increasing visibility over the business. As the world continues to become default-global and companies & talent increasingly move across borders we expect to capture the ever growing $4 quadrillion dollar global payments market.

We are both early hires at Jeeves (YC S20), a $2.1B global corporate card platform, where we have seen these challenges first-hand managing the internal treasury operations of a $250M FX portfolio. Matt heads up the capital & growth teams at Jeeves and was previously a fintech investor at Andreessen Horowitz for over 4 years (sourced Deel + Jeeves for the firm). Ted ran product for the first year at Jeeves as employee #3 and currently runs the finance and treasury teams.

We are early admits to the next YC batch (W23) and are starting to build the foundations of the product. We have 10 early potential customers (ranging from Seed stage companies to large $500M+ in annual revenue companies) that are eager to use us for their global operations and have a strong bench of angels & seed funds ready to support.

We are looking for an engineering partner to join the founding team and help shape the company from Day 1. We’re looking for hungry and motivated talent that is excited to get early startup experience by building from scratch and owning the engineering function as we grow. Our preference is to find someone that can come in as a founding engineer and scale with us.

We’d love to chat with engineering leaders that:

  • Have built things from 0 to 1
  • Have managed and hired early teams, but have also seen some scale
  • Are excited to come in at the earliest stages of company building
  • Are passionate about startups and can embrace the unknowns
  • Love to build, ship, and iterate quickly Nice to haves:
  • Fintech or payments experience
  • Past startup founding or early employee experience
  • Have a strong network or have a good idea of early engineers they want to hire

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Treasury management for global companies

Company Size: 1 - 5 People
Year Founded: 2022
Country: United States

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