Moving Life With Home-Based Business Workshop 003

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Do you really need to “work hard” in order to be financially well off?The funny thing I hear about what people say all the time is...“I don’t need to become a millionaire…”Or...“I don’t need to work any harder to make so much money...”What’s interesting is…Usually, the people who say things like these…Are actually employees who work long hours.In a stressful environment like this…It’s easy to confuse contentment with being completely “burnt out”...And not having enough ‘steam’ to do something different.Let me tell you from my personal experience…Being able to make lots of money is not just about working hard…Or putting in long hours.If that was true…Then how long does one need to work in order to reach a million dollars?Yet, there are multi-millionaires around the world…Who don’t work nearly half as much as any employee.Just take a look at Cleaners.They work hard too, don’t they? 

Waiters work hard. And construction workers work hard.Yet none of them are rich nor financially free.And the sad thing is, it’s not even their fault.If only they have the same knowledge that we about to share with you.Then perhaps they can do something about it.You see, society has a way of making us believe that getting rich is hard.For most people, they are like a crab in the bucket….Surrounded by other crabs who are preventing them from ‘getting out’.

We hope to lend a helping hand.So you can get out of the bucket.For starters, here’s a fact to challenge your belief that making money isn’t easy.Customers contribute to an average of 275 million dollars a day, shopping online.So what does this tells us?People are buying stuff at any time of the day.And it’s only a matter of whom do they buy from.Customers are going to shop online even while you are sleeping…While you are brushing your teeth…Having breakfast…Walking your dog…Travelling on a vacation...But in order for this to happen, you must be willing to start.The only thing now is...Do you want to continue “working hard” from paycheck-to-paycheck…Or …Do you want a different life?Make least 5 figures a month with less effort for a change?You decide. The workshop session coming up soon.The class will be packed with more insights and secrets.
And it will be a full house.If you like to have a guaranteed seat.I suggest that you click on the button to get yourself registered.

Event Details

Starts: Fri, 25 Oct, 2019, 19:30PM

Singapore Timezone (SGT)

Cuppage Plaza

Venue Location

5 Koek Road
Singapore, 228796

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