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China gets serious about antitrust, fines Alibaba $2.75B – TechCrunch

Chinese regulators have hit Alibaba with a record fine of 18 billion yuan (about $2.75 billion) for violating anti-monopoly rules as the country seeks to rein in the power of its largest internet conglomerates. In November, China proposed sweeping antitrust regulations targeting its interent economy. In late December, the State Administration for Market Regulation said […]


AI chipmaker Graphcore raises $222M at a $2.77B valuation and puts an IPO in its sights – TechCrunch

Applications based on artificial intelligence — whether they are systems running autonomous services, platforms being used in drug development or to predict the spread of a virus, traffic management for 5G networks, or something else altogether — require an unprecedented amount of computing power to run. And today, one of the big names in the […]


China fines Alibaba, Tencent’s e-book subsidiary over anti-trust violations – TechCrunch

The Chinese government is moving to curb the power of some of China’s most influential internet companies. The country’s top market regulator announced Monday that it is fining Alibaba and China Literature, Tencent’s e-book spinoff, for failing to report their past acquisition deals for clearance. The cases involve Alibaba’s equity investments in major Chinese mall […]


ThorCon International plans to build Indonesia’s first commercial nuclear power plant

Regions considered for the US$1.21 billion facility are Bangka Island, Sumatra and West Kalimantan.

Ismawati AsmatFeb 21, 2020

China's Energy Monster secures $71.5 million — looks to expand its operation

The battery-sharing firm leveraged China's massive market of 305 million power bank rental users in 2019.

Syamil FaisalDec 26, 2019

Malaysia's Engage Blink is helping retailers retain customers 5X better.

Using the power of technology to help them compete with larger brands.

Ashley LeeAug 08, 2019

Is the Myth of Overnight Success Holding You Back?

Master the amazing power of the long game.

BEAMSTARTMar 23, 2018

Grab to end power struggle through deal with rival Uber

Grab, the largest ride hailing service in Southeast Asia, is poised to take over much of Uber’s operations in the region, putting an end to a costly struggle for market dominance

BEAMSTARTMar 09, 2018

China Ploys to Let Xi Remain In Power by Eliminating Term Limit

The surprise move, disclosed in a dryly worded proposition to modify the Constitution, is the boldest yet by Mr. Xi as he pursues to enhance the party's control over an improving society and bring back China to what he deems its rightful place as a worldwide power

BEAMSTARTFeb 26, 2018

Google is bringing AMP to Gmail to make emails more interactive

The technology, which was originally designed to speed up websites by stripping down the unnecessary clutter, will power the new Gmail Developer Preview application.

BEAMSTARTFeb 14, 2018

How to check if Apple is slowing down your iPhone

To prevent unexpected shutdowns that sometimes occur when processors don’t get enough power, the company dialed down the speeds of iPhone processors in units with those batteries.

BEAM TeamJan 07, 2018

The Leading Power In East Asia Will Be Japan - Not China

By 2040, Japan will rise as East Asia’s leading power. This is one of our most controversial forecasts at Geopolitical Futures.

BEAM TeamMar 06, 2017

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way

BEAM TeamFeb 24, 2017

A prediction: the world's most powerful economies in 2030

32 countries were ranked by their projected global gross domestic product by purchasing power parity.

BEAM TeamFeb 11, 2017

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