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Polygon Reaches US$13 Billion Market Cap After Raising US$450 Million

Investors are placing big bets on Ethereum through Polygons scaling capabilities

Vrisha PhrabhakaranFeb 11, 2022

You can buy celebrities with Ethereum now

CryptoCelebrities is a blockchain “game” that allows users to spend Ethereum (ETH) on virtual famous people.

BEAMSTARTJan 24, 2018

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has left VC firm Fenbushi Capital

Vitalik Buterin, the high-profile co-founder of Ethereum, has quietly left China-based investment firm Fenbushi Capital

BEAM TeamJan 16, 2018

Ethereum breaks new record by reaching $1,000 for the first time

2017 may have been a huge year for cryptocurrencies across the board, but one of the most important stories is that there are now many different tokens worth tens of billions of dollars when it comes to market capitalization.

BEAM TeamJan 05, 2018

A major 'accident' has frozen millions worth of Ethereum

An estimated $280 million worth of the cryptocurrency ethereum is currently locked up thanks to one person’s mistake.

BEAM TeamNov 08, 2017

This Is the Reason Ethereum Exists

The world’s second-most-valuable cryptocurrency is also its most interesting—but in order to understand it, you must first understand its origins.

BEAM TeamOct 27, 2017

4 reasons why Ethereum is better than Bitcoin

In today’s contemporary world, the latest hype that is going on is the Crpto currency trend. People are confused between Bit coin and Ethereum and they actually do not know which surpasses the other.

BEAM TeamSep 05, 2017

Is Ethereum the next big thing?

Industry players discuss the prospects for the digital token and what investors should look out for when buying into the alternative asset.

BEAM TeamSep 04, 2017

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s Team Launches Ethereum-based Mercury Protocol

A team of software developers supported by serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban has launched the digital currency Ethereum-based Mercury Protocol for the communication industry

BEAM TeamAug 28, 2017

Ethereum's 'Metropolis' Upgrade Could Still Be Months Away

The release was initially planned for end of September 2017

Kenneth HoAug 27, 2017

Ethereum sets new transaction record, outperforming Bitcoin

For the first time ever, Ethereum yesterday had more than 400,000 transactions, a record for any public blockchain, and around 40,000 higher than Bitcoin’s record day.

BEAM TeamAug 16, 2017

ICO Pros & Cons: Cutting Through The Hype

The Bitcoin and Ethereum community have set a precedent which for the first time in history allows an open source community to not just self-finance but directly profit from increased usage.

BEAM TeamJul 02, 2017

Okay, WTF Is Ethereum?

A beginner’s guide to the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency.

BEAM TeamJun 19, 2017

Bitcoin and Ethereum Just Crashed, Taking Coinbase Down With Them

After both hit all-time highs earlier this week, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices plummeted as much as 25%

BEAM TeamJun 17, 2017

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