Developer News

Thailand will host the first Ganja Festival in the world on January 2020

The festival will promote Thailand as the leading Marijuana strains developer.

Syamil FaisalOct 14, 2019

Huawei working on self-driving cars; Go-Jek acquires recruitment platform developer AirCTO

Huawei asks Verizon to pay $1B for patents; Fortnite maker Epic acquires Houseparty

Wallace HoJun 13, 2019

Bitcoin developer warns Lightning Network is flawed and likely vulnerable to DoS attacks

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd has taken to Twitter to share his first impressions from playing around with the Lightning testnet and the results are not particularly encouraging, to say the least.

BEAMSTARTFeb 28, 2018

Blockchain engineers are in demand

Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.

BEAMSTARTFeb 15, 2018

Google is bringing AMP to Gmail to make emails more interactive

The technology, which was originally designed to speed up websites by stripping down the unnecessary clutter, will power the new Gmail Developer Preview application.

BEAMSTARTFeb 14, 2018

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