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China surpassed America with the most unicorns — becomes the world’s largest unicorn hub

Chinese startup boom is driven by its technology ambition.

Syamil FaisalOct 24, 2019

China is proactively nurturing ASEAN unicorns

Non-US unicorn start-ups warrant a 50% share of global unicorns since August 2017

BEAM TeamNov 29, 2017

Nearly half of tech ‘unicorns’ rely on tricky math to land imaginary valuations

Two business professors studied the valuations of 116 unicorns, finding that many overstated their value. When they adjusted valuations for special protections provided to VC investors, nearly half of unicorns lost their coveted $1 billion status.

BEAM TeamAug 05, 2017

The magic behind unicorn startups

Unicorns aren’t real, and neither are the valuations ascribed to many of the startups that say they’re worth US$1bil or more.

BEAM TeamAug 03, 2017

10 Asian unicorns in MIT list of the world’s 50 smartest companies

Here are the 10 companies picked from Asia,

BEAM TeamJul 09, 2017

Study: Singapore should invest in more risks and stop supporting “zombie” startups

You’ve heard of unicorns and even their ten-horn-festooned cousins but there’s another member of the startup animal kingdom you should pay attention to: enter the gazelle.

BEAM TeamJun 05, 2017

The Rise Of Revenue First Startups

The Unicorns have fallen.

BEAM TeamMar 19, 2017

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