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Microsoft to Support 10,000 African Startups Over Next 5 Years

The tech giant plans to team up with VCs and accelerators across the continent to aid the rise of startups in Africa

Vrisha PhrabhakaranMar 04, 2022

Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard for US$68.7 Billion

Microsoft expanding their reach in the gaming space

Wilson TwoonJan 19, 2022

Yahoo is leaving China's market; cites 'challenging business conditions'

Many speculate that Microsoft's Bing could be next.

Carl AdrianNov 03, 2021

OYO was badly affected due to travel restrictions; just raised money from Microsoft

OYO will work alongside Microsoft to co-develop new technologies for the hotel and tourism sector.

Carl AdrianSep 10, 2021

Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok.

The app could be banned in the US soon.

Alfred LeeAug 03, 2020

Microsoft discontinues Windows 7 support

Microsoft will stop providing security updates and support for Windows 7 starting January 14.

Ismawati AsmatJan 01, 2020

Google launches Hangouts Chat, its Slack competitor, for all G Suite users

Hangouts Chat is entering a busy field. Besides the perennially popular Slack, other notable incumbents include Workplace by Facebook, Cisco Spark, and, of course, Microsoft Teams.

BEAMSTARTMar 01, 2018

Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware

Xiaomi and Microsoft have signed a Strategic Framework Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work more closely in the areas of cloud computing, AI (including Microsoft’s Cortana business) and hardware.

BEAMSTARTFeb 25, 2018

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft gurus say AI will help workers, not replace them

Reports of the demise of human labor may be hyperbolic, if you believe the likes of LeCun, Google’s Peter Norvig, and Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz.

BEAMSTARTFeb 23, 2018

Microsoft just put another nail in the coffin for Windows phones

Smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows 8 are no longer getting push notifications, after Microsoft announced it’s pulled support.

BEAMSTARTFeb 21, 2018

We visited the flagship stores of Apple and Microsoft in New York City — and the winner was obvious

We visited each company’s flagship store on New York City’s Fifth Avenue to see which offered the better retail experience.

BEAMSTARTJan 28, 2018

Microsoft: Companies have to transform digitally or will be left behind

Instead of relying on the government assistance to start the digital transformation, companies should look at how companies could benefit from digital technology.

BEAM TeamJun 23, 2017

Apple joins Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft in AI initiative

Companies will work on research projects, AI best practices and more.

BEAM TeamJan 30, 2017

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