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Malaysian Central Bank Slams ICO for Misleading Logo

The central bank took aim at a cryptocurrency project named Coinzer, which it says used the BNM logo and the Jata Negara, Malaysia's coat of arms, in its proposed token design, white paper and website.

BEAMSTARTMar 13, 2018

EY’s Study Shows Big Risks in the ICO Market

Security, Hype, FOMO, and more.

BEAMSTARTJan 30, 2018

5 Ideas to Effectively Promote your ICO

Although the competitiveness is very high, it drives the marketing strategy to be a vital ingredient of the ICO

BEAM TeamNov 16, 2017

Guideline to ICOs and Digital Currencies in Singapore

In the case that the digital currency is structured like a security, the ICO issuing company needs to fulfill the requirements of the Securities and Futures Act, as this precautionary step would better protect investors.

BEAM TeamNov 15, 2017

SC cautions investors on initial coin offerings

SC said in a statement that these activities may also be referred as “initial coin offerings” (ICO), “initial token offerings”, “token pre-sale” and “token crowd-sale”.

BEAM TeamSep 08, 2017

Hong Kong regulator ‘concerned’ by ICO funding boom

One day after China’s decision to ban ICOs pending an investigation, Hong Kong — the country that is a special administrative region of China — has voiced concern at the growth of ICO fundraising

BEAM TeamSep 07, 2017

How Singapore became a hot ICO destination

The city is home to over 200 banks with total assets amounting to a whopping $2 trillion, and it has already played host to a long list of successful ICOs.

BEAM TeamSep 04, 2017

China bans companies from raising money through ICOs

Chinese regulators are about to start a campaign related to the country's initial coin offerings (ICO), according to a Caixin report

BEAM TeamSep 04, 2017

The ICO world is full of pump-and-dump schemes

Around the world, we’re seeing blockchain “startups” scam people into investing by getting a big name endorsement.

BEAM TeamAug 27, 2017

ICO Pros & Cons: Cutting Through The Hype

The Bitcoin and Ethereum community have set a precedent which for the first time in history allows an open source community to not just self-finance but directly profit from increased usage.

BEAM TeamJul 02, 2017

WTF is an ICO?

In the ensuing years, bitcoin has matured, become far less risible and grown massively

BEAM TeamMay 29, 2017

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