Chryseis Tan Gives Us Insight Into Building An Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Mindset

Despite the constant attention focused on her private life, not many people know that there is more to Chryseis Tan than the facade she presents.


16 Mar, 2018

Chryseis Tan Gives Us Insight Into Building An Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Mindset | BEAMSTART News

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Just a week before she solemnised her marriage to SM Faliq SM Nasimuddin, news broke that the shoppable mobile-first app she owned and invested in, Goxip, managed to raise US$5 million (RM19.5 million), through investment led by the Hong Kong-listed company and a global innovator in mobile video and photography, including beauty themed photo & video apps

The executive director of Berjaya Assets Berhad is also growing the portfolios under the group’s umbrella. One project that she played a part to secure was the Greyhound Café franchise in Malaysia—with a third outlet scheduled to be launched this year.

Chryseis is also actively engaged in her work as the head of marketing for Four Seasons Hotel and Residences, Kyoto, with an upcoming Four Seasons project in the works at Okinawa, Japan.

Here, through her own words and those dearest to her, are five factors contributing to her inexorable rise.

Business Is In Her Blood 

“You know, I can’t remember a life without business. As a student, my father (Tan Sri Vincent Tan) would take me with him to business meetings in between school and classes. I would sit and listen—even if I didn’t contribute—and that kind of shaped my instincts about what to look for as a businesswoman and investor,” reveals Chryseis.

While it is a known fact Tan Sri Vincent is her mentor, her mother Puan Sri Esther Tan also played a part in shaping her acute mind.

“My mother is able to know what people will like in the future, and she’s right most of the time. For example, in the early days of Berjaya’s business, she was the one who identified that despite the tropical weather, people will still enjoy alfresco dining, and advocated that. Together with my dad—who has lots of common sense and a strong affinity for numbers, they influenced me to become who I am today,” she says.

She Is Always Hands-On, Even As An Investor

Anabelle Co-Martinent, one of the cofounders of La Juiceria, recalls meeting Chryseis in 2014 and being impressed by her sharp mind and business acumen.

“My first impression was, ‘Wow! She is very much business-minded, although she has it all!’ Despite the age gap between us, her maturity, wit and knowledge impressed me—especially the shrewd questions she asked! She also pushes herself to become a better version of herself, not settling with the comfortable life she has at the moment, but always seeking to be better. I always enjoy working with visionaries who are very driven, and she is one of them.”

Hustling Hard Is Her Style

Another quality that has played a big role in Chryseis’ success is her restlessness and discomfort with mediocrity. She always desires to make the most of her 24 hours in a day, which is why she strives for excellence in everything she does.

“I admit, I can be impatient because I like things to be fast-paced. The truth is, I don’t like hearing the word ‘no’. There’s a solution to everything. Never say never, especially in business. Sure, my own business ventures outside of Berjaya Group aren’t huge, but they are growing and I am happy watching them hit milestones, one step at a time,” she confesses.

She Never Lets Anyone Bring Her Down

Our cover girl’s childhood friend, Dr Alice Lee offers her two cents about why she thinks Chryseis is an unstoppable, indefatigable nature.

“Chrys never lets what others say about her bring her down. Her motto is, ‘life is short and it’s not worth wasting time trying to prove anything to anyone.’ She always advises me to be strong and walk away from situations that will hinder my own happiness. It takes a special strength to do this, but she does it very well,” says Dr Alice.

She Loves Loyally and Kindly

According to Carmen Yim, a Hong Kong-based businesswoman who co-invested in Goxip with Chryseis and her designated maid-of-honour at the recent wedding, Chryseis is a gem of a person and a friend—which is why people are always drawn to her.

“To be honest, Chrys has many good qualities which I admire. She has a very joyful personality and is always positive towards life. As a friend, she puts thought and detail into supporting me and listening to me, no matter how late at night, or whenever I need help. She always reminds me to be happy and live life to the fullest. She strives for self-improvement continuously, and inspires me to do the same,” says Carmen about her best friend.

Her husband Faliq concurs with the assessment. “I knew Chrys was the one I wanted to spend my life with when I realised how she accepts all of my shortcomings,” he says with his trademark mischievous humour.

Author Info:
This article was first published by Lily Ong on Malaysian Tatler

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