On building a career purely through the internet.

Interview with Kevin Leong of Infinitude Solutions

On building a career purely through the internet. | BEAMSTART News

We often hear many buzzwords surrounding the terms 'SEO' and 'ranking top on Google'. 

Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer Kevin Leong of Infinitude Solutions is the example of someone who has taken full advantage of the above. 

For years, Kevin has been running most of his businesses online, generating most of his sales purely from internet channels like Google and Facebook.

Helping more people transition their business online via Google and Facebook

He later founded Infinitude Solutions to help more people transition their businesses online, and to leverage on the power of Google to gain organic (and free) leads that convert into sales.

Our team had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin to understand more about his journey. Below is the interview:

1) How did you get started with Infinitude Solutions? What was the primary driver for starting this whole venture?

I started my business online because I wanted to spend less time working and more time living my life. 

Right now, it's easier than ever for businesses to have a digital presence because you don’t need a PhD or huge investment to do it. 

Today I'm able to achieve the perfect blend of passion and income to run my online business as well as dominate an industry anytime, anywhere.

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An example of one of Kevin's businesses for keywords 'professional', 'makeup', 'malaysia'

2) What are some of the biggest obstacles you face in running a business like yours?

The biggest obstacle is to build on the momentum of getting quality traffic to my websites. 

This, by necessity includes on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and online marketing.

3) What are some of the key things you've learnt about regarding the digital marketing industry? 

Businesses should go online because your customers are online - Consumers today turn to the internet to discover what to do, where to go, and who to buy things from. 

Being online leverages multiple avenues for businesses to gain visibility among consumers. 

Having a website that's search optimized, being on social media that you actually engage with, and incorporating email into your marketing strategy is an absolute must! 

Additionally, automated marketing solutions help you to track your customers from social media, email marketing, and other online strategies but at the same time free up your time.

4) What are your thoughts on newer founder/startups that are starting out and raising lots of funding?

Well, raising capital is often necessary, and investors have crucial roles for many ventures. However startup founders tend to overuse it as a measure of how well they run the business. 

This is all wrong because the purpose of a business is to 'Create a Customer’ (deliver value) but not to raise funding. 

Try to launch lean, focus on what your customers want and what the product’s design and revenue model will be.

5) What is your plan to grow Infinitude Solutions in 2018? What're your upcoming plans?

My plan is to help 100 ordinary people to start a business with RM100 or less so that we can grow our own ecosystem. 

I believe that it will lead to more business opportunity, more referrals and subscription sales than ever.

6) Best piece of advice you can give to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

With the rise of internet startups, I believe now is the best time to earn a good living while crafting a life of independence and purpose. 

Learn how to rewrite the rules of work, becoming your own boss, and creating a new future. 

With the help of Google, you now have a huge opportunity for businesses that embrace the internet to reach and engage potential customers in overseas markets.

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