Buzzwords to utilize for your work & business profile

If you desire to get that new job, here are a few more methods you can fine-tune your work profile.

Buzzwords to utilize for your work & business profile | BEAMSTART News

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Your career profile is more than just detailing your work history and accomplishments - it's your entry to sell your abilities to potential recruiters.

As indicated by LinkedIn, the most essential trait to specify this year on your resume is your previous work experience, this means that recruiters are concentrating more on what you've done professionally, instead of paper certifications or education results.

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In reality, out of the 10 most popular buzzwords, "experience" shot up 5 places from 2016, while the word "certified" which used to be 7th, doesn't even list this year.

Additionally, here are LinkedIn's Top 10 Singapore Buzzwords for 2017:

1. Experienced

2. Specialise

3. Passionate

4. Skilled

5. Leadership

6. Expert

7. Strategic

8. Motivated

9. Responsible

10. Creative

Essentially what this change suggests is that recruiters are more attracted to specialised skills instead of general abilities.

"In Singapore, there is a strong emphasis on upskilling and encouraging people to continually learn," states Linda Lee, LinkedIn's Head of Communications for Southeast Asia and North Asia.

"To get the right job or opportunity, the good news is all of us can make the difference. Beyond using words to describe ourselves, we are also encouraging our members to stay engaged with their networks and establish a voice in their community. It's important to stand out from the crowd by bringing out our authentic selves."

So if you desire to get that new job, here are a few more methods you can fine-tune your work profile.

1. Take pride in your online appearance

Help your ideal recruiter locate you by making sure your profile is complete and presents you in the best possible way, beginning with the perfect profile picture. This literally makes your profile 21 times more likely to be browsed than others. Remember to outline relevant abilities which have been developed through your past experience.

2. Pick words that demonstrate your character

Whilst the words you choose say a lot about you, it's also essential to strike a professional tone; be assertive and direct when speaking about your achievements. Don't shy away from incorporating some personality to your language though - this is a great way to show your character.

3. Words don't need to do all the talking

Rather than saying you're 'creative', why not display it by including presentations, video, design work and projects you take pride in? Don't forget, in a sea of prospective candidates you want to stand apart from the crowd; you've only got 5 to 10 seconds to excite a potential employer.

4. Express your thoughts

If you are an 'expert' on a certain subject, why not portray to the world by publishing a post on professional social networks? By giving your opinions on industry issues, it illustrates that you are proficient and well-informed.

5. Be engaged and start conversing

It's not just about what's on your profile, taking action is crucial when it comes to networking. Observe brands that influence you, or that you 'd want to work for, create new connections, participate in groups and take part in dialogues. This keeps your account active and proves employers that you're plugged-in to what's transpiring in the market.

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