Selling Services via Mobile is now possible on BEAM

No Websites. No complex forms. All in a few taps on your phone.

BEAMSTART 5 Feb, 2018

Selling Services via Mobile is now possible on BEAM

Today we're announcing the ability to sell and refer services on BEAM.

In a few taps of a button, one can easily publish services online and begin receiving payments without the need to build a website (or mobile app) and integrate complex payment forms.

Selling in 3 simple steps on Mobile

Payments, Fees, and Withdrawals

Receiving payments is incredibly simple with support for both credit and debit cards on both web and mobile

Upon receiving payments, an email and push notification will automatically be sent to you (and representatives assigned to company profiles).

On top of the ability to receive payments, fraud handling and refund capabilities are also included to ensure security and smooth transactions for customers.

BEAM charges a flat fee of 3% for all successful transactions that take place via the platform.

Withdrawals can be placed anytime, as long as the individual's account balance is above USD $25. Withdrawals are processed within 5 - 7 days.

Selling and Setting up Referral Programs

Profit Sharing and Partnerships

In addition to listing services, sellers can also set up referral programmes to form profit-sharing partnerships by setting a "success fee" for services sold through recommendations.

Success fees are instantly paid out to individuals who recommend products/services by tapping on the 'recommend' button on listings.

Broadcasting Improvements

Broadcasting on BEAM has also been significantly improved to allow users to publish rich content (text, images, links, video, and more).

Improved Broadcasting

We believe this will present an excellent way for users to create high quality content that is engaging for visitors and fans, as well as increase conversions to service offerings.

"We hope that the introduction of these tools will make it a lot easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to jumpstart their online businesses and for established entrepreneurs to make the shift to the digital and mobile space, which is on the ascendency today", mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM.

Getting Started

  • To get started with listing your services, click here.
  • To download the mobile app to list your services, click here.
  • To view a sample service, click here.


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