Introducing the Venture Development Program to help Startups take off.

To reach Sustainability or Investment-Readiness with access to Connections, Capital, Customers, Counsel, and more.

Introducing the Venture Development Program to help Startups take off. | BEAMSTART News

Entrepreneurship is hard. In fact, building a company can be a very challenging and lonely journey.

Beginning today, fellow entrepreneurs can now leverage on BEAM via the Venture Development Program to gain the necessary resources, support, and leverage to take their ideas/ventures to the next level.

Entrepreneurs will be supported throughout the idea/prototyping, commercialization, fundraising, and expansion stages of their ventures with the following:

  • Warm Access to a broad array of business connections.
  • Access to over 80+ experts and mentors with experience and know-how of building businesses and products. 
  • A dedicated point of contact from BEAM to connect the entrepreneur to the necessary resources, mentors, and support throughout their journey. 
  • Product Validation and Business Model Development
  • Monthly trainings on a broad array of topics (product validation & development, marketing, fundraising, pitching, operations, finance, legal/term sheets, and more)
  • Focused Support Groups to forge discussions, provide emotional support, and to serve as a platform for collaboration.
  • Media Coverage and Publicity to build credibility
  • Distribution and Marketing Leverage for Customer Acquisition to reduce marketing/advertising costs.
  • Fundraising support, investor connections, and potential strategic investments. BEAM has access to thousands of angel investors and over 50 institutional investment firms within SouthEast Asia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. (BEAM may also invest in some of these companies that are a strategic fit).
  • Market Access to 9 countries (7 capital cities, 2 major cities) and counting.
  • Hiring and HR Support
  • Emotional Support when times are rough.
  • and more...

There is no timeline on the program and the ultimate focus is to bring fellow entrepreneurs' and their ventures to a point of sustainability or investment-readiness

"Entrepreneurship isn't easy, but we believe the journey and value brought to the world could be very fulfilling."

Unlike most professions where you have years of education to prepare you for, many people embark on their entrepreneurial journey unprepared and unaware of what's to come. It's not surprising that the failure rate of startups is incredibly high (with lots of wasted time and money).

We hope that this program will bring tremendous value to fellow entrepreneurs around the world, and enable many more entrepreneurs to save their time in building great companies.

To find out more about the program, visit the Venture Development Program Page.

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