SMEs looking to build apps & websites can now get development services from BEAM.

And combat disruption by reaching a global market.

BEAMSTART 5 Oct, 2018

SMEs looking to build apps & websites can now get development services from BEAM.

In an effort to help SMEs go digital and mobile, we're announcing the launch of a brand new software development division focused on helping SMEs develop mobile applications and websites.

The goal is to provide a faster and more affordable way for SMEs to combat disruption, by enabling them to build and roll out software services in a fraction of the time/cost as compared to traditional development houses.

Over the years, BEAM and our partners have developed a broad range of software solutions ranging from e-commerce/marketplace platforms, communication tools, social networking services, and more — all which could be used by SMEs.

Easily reach out to the software team via the web form.

SMEs keen on getting started can easily reach out to the software team via a simple web form in just a few clicks.  

On top of providing software development services, BEAM will also provide commercialization support to help SMEs launch their digital products and enter new markets across China, Japan, and SouthEast Asia.

"Technology has penetrated every facet of society, many brick and mortar businesses (SMEs) are getting disrupted today. As speed and experience are crucial, we hope to bring value by providing a way for them to tap into proven technology that allows them to go digital and reach a global audience by leveraging on our work over the past few years.", - Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM


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