Introducing the Community Feed — To bridge people to business opportunities.

Bridging potential clients, new investors, entrepreneurial events, tech talent, and more.

BEAMSTART 3 Sep, 2018

Introducing the Community Feed — To bridge people to business opportunities.

Today we're introducing the Community Feed — a brand new addition on BEAM with the goal of bridging people to business opportunities and resources within the community.

Starting from today, a brand new tab will appear on both the mobile app and the website, allowing you to easily discover and share:

  • Help/Support Requests
  • Upcoming Business Events
  • New Investors
  • Recommend Talent and Jobs
  • News and Business Content
Left: The new business feed. Right: Filters for the feed

Feed content can be easily shown/hidden by category by tapping the 'filter' button on both the app or website

One can also easily receive on-demand help by posting a broadcast — which sends the support request to the community.

Easily publish content or opportunities. Posts can also be categorized for easier discovery.

Apart from bridging opportunities to the masses, the feed will also play a role in featuring high quality informative and educational content to the community.

BEAM currently curates and features articles from a broad array of sources from key industry leaders and news/media organizations.

"Entrepreneurship is tough and lonely in the early days. Founders need lots of support and not all of them are able to join accelerator programmes. The vision for the feed is to provide "accelerator-level" support for free, in the palm of their hands. It is the place to discover opportunities, learn, and to get connected.", mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM.

BEAM is also seeking to forge new partnerships with industry-specific content creators, news organizations, and service providers. To reach out, visit the contact us page.


Bridging People to Opportunities

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