1UNi is helping students find the right universities through AI and data-driven technologies.

The company aims to capture 17% of the education placements market share in Malaysia

BEAMSTART13 Aug, 2018

1UNi is helping students find the right universities through AI and data-driven technologies.

Education is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow each year.

In Malaysia alone, there are a total of over 693 universities and colleges, with new institutions entering the market each year. 

However as more and more choices are present in the market, a problem emerges — how does one find the right university for their kids? How does a potential student know that this is the right course for them to take? 

This is where 1UNi comes in. Founded by Mo Salam and a team of 10, 1UNi is an online portal that helps students find the best universities to fit their needs.

The company was started back in 2016 with the goal of making student placements easy through the use of AI technology and data-driven decision-making.

The 1Uni website where students can search for the right universities.

Students can easily get started by visiting the 1uni.net website, complete their profile, and begin searching through a wide array of courses.

1UNi will then use the data inputted by the student to automatically match them with a suitable university based on their search and profile parameters.

When in doubt, students can also seek consult from a counselling partner at no additional charge to help them through the application process to their desired university or college.

I found that there was a huge gap between the 3 stake holders of the industry; the student, the agent, and the university/college - so this is where I come up with the idea of 1UNi for two reasons: to solve the problem of the overly scattered information that students receive, and the university’s dependence on agents to provide them with students as they lack the resources and tend to wait on referrals from ex-students. As a result, we decided to build a comprehensive solution that is unique for the student, the university, the agent: this way we are introducing the education industry to an entirely new environment; an entirely new model that supports all layers of the student recruitment process. 

Since it's launch, 1UNi currently has 9 university clients, averaging a revenue of RM40k in the last month alone.

The team expects to achieve RM500k in revenues within the next year with a 52% growth in yearly sales.

With the increase in demand for their services, the 1UNi is currently raising a seed round of USD$350k to further expand their sales channels to acquire more of the market share in Malaysia, and to raise up the quality of the data collected to improve the match-making process.

According to Mo, the 1UNi aims to penetrate 17% of the market during it's first 3 years in Malaysia prior to expanding out of the country.


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