Introducing a new way to Get introduced to like-minded entrepreneurs.

In a tap, we will make an introduction to the person of your choice for you.

BEAMSTART26 Jun, 2018

Introducing a new way to Get introduced to like-minded entrepreneurs.

Today we're introducing a new Get Introduced button on BEAM to make connection building simpler and quicker.

In a tap, our team at BEAM will now introduce you to individuals of your choice via the website or app.

Upon completing your profile with sufficient information, the new  'Get Introduced' button will appear distinctively on profiles of individuals that you have yet to connect with on both the website and the mobile app.

A new 'Get Introduced' button will appear on profiles you have not connected with. In a tap, BEAM will make the introduction with them for you.

All accounts have a daily limit for introductions, but this limit is automatically increased as the account ages.

"Networking can be a pretty daunting experience, especially in the early days when one is starting out in his/her career or business. One of the best ways to build relationships is to get an introduction. We hope that this simple tool will make it dramatically easier for everyone to reach out to one another, and to further increase more collaborations and partnerships as a whole.", Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM.

Get Introduced is now available worldwide on the latest version of the BEAM App and website.


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