Today in News - Baidu profit soars 227% while Amazon increased 43%

Youtube deletes 8.3 million videos, Amazon starts offering home security devices, and more.

BEAMSTART28 Apr, 2018

Today in News - Baidu profit soars 227% while Amazon increased 43%

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Around the world:

  1. Amazon Q1 revenue increased 43%; Operation profit increased 92%. AWS is the main profit source. North America’s retail revenue increased 46%.

  2. While Youtube deleted 8.3 million videos in its Q4, Facebook firstly announce its policy of deleting inappropriate content.

  3. World’s top 3 chip patents ranking (from the biggest to smaller): Huawei, ZTE, and Intel. However, China still highly relies on importing. The cost is twice as much as crud oil.

  4. Amazon has started to offer home security services — which include all the equipment you would need and in-person visits from Amazon consultants to advise and install the kit. The packages are being sold at a flat fee — no monthly service contracts.

In China:

  1. Baidu’s Q1 profit increasing speed is 227%, total cost increased 9.7%. The increased content cost is mainly on iQiyi 爱奇艺.

  2. In 2018 Q1 the top five phone companies in China are: Huawei, OPPO, vivo, xiaomi and iPhone (market share from the biggest to smaller). Xiaomi has replaced iPhone to be the #4. Top 4 phone companies has taken 73% producing amount.

  3. Huawei withdrew its launching of 500 million euro bonds.

  4. Starbucks has developed Mini Program for Alipay. Same with WeChat pay, it’s mainly for sending gifts.

  5. NIO 蔚来 Research is going to IPO in New York wanting to raise 2 - 3 billion USD. Softbank might purchase 200 million USD shares.

  6. Coca Cola is streching their business to yogurt in China by becoming the 2nd biggest share in 乐纯 Le Chun (a Chinese yogurt brand).

  7. Vice minister of China Central Bank Payment Department warns big payment companies to follow the rules. “Some big payment companies only follow the rules that’s useful for them, but not obeying these rules that’s under adjusting.”


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