Most business cards are thrown away, but this QR code tool changes everything.

People can now create special QR codes that save contacts automatically to phones when scanned.

Ken Ho12 Dec, 2019

Most business cards are thrown away, but this QR code tool changes everything.

The problem with business cards? Most of them are thrown away — It's a total waste of paper and one has to continuously print more of them only to have them disposed, never to be seen again.

In an effort to stop paper wastage and create a better networking experience, BEAMSTART now lets people create Business Card QR Codes — QR codes that automatically save contact details directly to one's phone when scanned.

Contact details are automatically stored when QR Codes are scanned with any smartphone camera application.

The best part is, one does NOT need to download a separate app to scan these QR codes — they can be scanned with the built-in camera application that comes with every smartphone.

This approach not only speeds up the process of exchanging contacts, it ensures the person's contact details are stored in your phone instantly — making it just as convenient as giving out a physical card.

QR Codes can easily be accessed and updated from the app. 
(Scan above for an example)

Business Card QR Codes on BEAMSTART can easily be created by tapping on the scanner icon on the top-right-hand corner of the app.

Contact information stored in the QR code can also be updated easily and securely via the app as well.

Updating contact information is simple and secure.

Moving forward, BEAMSTART aims to play a greater role in minimising the use of printed business cards in an effort to reduce the wastage of paper.

"It's crazy how much paper is wasted on business cards, only to be lost or thrown away. We wanted to build a solution that kept the traditional experience of exchanging cards, while ensuring it's a quicker and more efficient way to stay in touch", - mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAMSTART.

To get started with creating a Business Card QR Code, download the BEAMSTART App via the AppStore or PlayStore.

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