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G5,是一个开放的全球创新创投生态系统,是由 EFC 欧美金融城打造的创始人、企业家、投资人、国际孵化器、加速器、联合办公和跨境活动的国际化社区。G5 全球总部设在位于中国杭州未来科技城核心区的 EFC 欧美金融城。 



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About G5 Capital

G5 全球创新创投平台,是美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大和中国五国间的科技创新与跨境投资平台,在各目的国设孵化中心,对处于天使轮到 pre-A 轮阶段的早期项目提供跨境风险投资和办公场地,对接行业资源,进行跨境双向-多向孵化。G5囊括了人工智能(AI)、新金融与金融科技(New Finance & Fin-Tech)、大数据(Big Data)、互联网(Internet)、生物医药与健康科技(Bio-pharmaceutical & Health-Tech)五大领域的创始人、企业家、发明家、专家、学者、投资人,已逐渐形成一个覆盖企业从“IDEA”(开市)到“IPO”(上市)的全发展周期的创新、投资、共享、协作平台。G5 与国际一线院校,以及孵化器、加速器、联合办公与基金建立战略合作,合寻、合投、合培、合推由优秀毕业生、中外留学生、专家学者组成的“千禧代”(Generation Y)创始人社群。

G5 World Innovation Networks, is a global platform of innovation and venture capital. G5 is committed to set innovation centers in 5 countries: the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and China,
providing early startups (angel to pre-A round) with early investment, work desks and office space by collaborating with local partners, to meet the demands of intercontinental incubation. G5 focuses on the innovation in 5 major areas: AI, Fin-Tech, Big Data, Internet, and Bio-pharmaceutical &Health-Tech and has gathered founders, entrepreneurs, inventors, experts, researchers, investors in those areas. G5 is a platform of innovation, investment, sharing and collaboration, helping various types of companies at different stages from "IDEA" to "IPO". G5 partners with top universities, incubators, accelerators, co-working space and funds strategically across the world, to scout, invest, incubate, and promote an international community of"Generation Y" that include excellent graduates, expatriates, and researchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What industry is G5 Capital in?

G5 Capital is in the Investments and Venture Capital & Private Equity industry.

Is G5 Capital an investment company or fund?

Yes, G5 Capital is an investment firm in the Venture Capital / Private Equity space.

Is G5 Capital currently hiring?

No, G5 Capital is currently not hiring.

Visit G5 Capital's Jobs Page to stay updated with any upcoming open positions.

Which country is G5 Capital headquartered in?

G5 Capital is based in China.

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