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Co-founder of HockeyStack 

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Co-founder of HockeyStack

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HockeyStack improves sales outcomes for B2B companies by helping them record and understand every interaction their customers have with their marketing, sales reps, CSMs, and products.

We map every customer touchpoint from ad impression to closed won and to upsell using our own tracking script and native integrations to the B2B GTM tech stack.

Building this source of truth allow us to give companies previously hidden insights that generate incremental revenue, such as:

- Deploy marketing budget: "Launch this ad campaign to this audience to generate $XM in pipeline"
- Target the right accounts with the right messaging: "These accounts have the highest likelihood to convert, put them on this email sequence"
- Convert more of the pipeline: “Pied Piper hasn't visited the site for 8 days; give Jim a phone call”

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